• Insurance

    Insurance: An Overview

    1.1 Introduction to Insurance Insurance is defined as a cooperative device to spread the loss caused by a particular risk over a number of persons who are exposed to it and who agree to ensure themselves against that risk. Risk is the uncertainty of a financial loss. Insurance is also a social device to accumulate funds to meet the uncertain losses arising through a certain…

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  • Capital Market

    Introduction to Capital Markets

    1.1 Introduction to Capital Markets: Capital is certifiably not a characteristic asset; it is produced. It originates from sparing, which is changed into speculation. Sparing is characterized as purchaser products-basically, sustenance, and necessities that are spent on utilized work in delivering capital merchandise. New capital products serve to supplant amortized or out of date capital and add to existing capital. New venture consolidates new developments…

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  • Emerging Economies

    Challenges in Emerging Economies

    The emerging markets possess challenges to all the retailers who are looking to venture outside the developed markets due to saturation. In the battle for global retail dominance, the first movers seem to have an advantage, but also face the threat of making costly initial mistakes which make life easier for the alert second-wave competitors. Challenge 1: To Develop a Strategy and Execute it Retailers…

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